The EMA report that “Counselling & Rehabilitation are seen as best practice first steps” to support employees, and help their employers manage the impact of drug and alcohol use.  WorkCare NZ Northland are leaders in workplace detection of drug and alcohol abuse, and we now offer several Rehabilitation options.

Our Rehabilitation System

Drug & alcohol rehabilitation is now available in your workplace! WorkCare NZ Northland is committed to positive reinforcement and solving one of our nation’s biggest problems – drug use in the workplace and community. 

As the pioneer in the industry, drug screen testing was initially introduced into New Zealand as a tool for families to help identify and manage the harm drugs had on the communities in New Zealand. Workplace drug screening was a bi-product of this.


Our aim was, and remains, to support industry, families, and the community identify and manage harm arising from drugs and alcohol abuse. We can identify the use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace through workplace testing, and can offer counselling which provides industry and families evidence-based best practice options to manage the impact of drugs and alcohol.


When we started workplace drug testing we had no idea of the impact we would have in helping reduce drugs in the community. Now we take pride in going one step further! The WorkCare NZ Northland team has worked hard alongside some great companies and individuals with a passion to support those who recognise that their livelihoods are more important than their drug use but need help and guidance, bringing it out of the shadows and into the light.

The programme offered is based upon proven best practice which shifts the primary focus of counselling from the deficit based problem to an aspirational quest for Hauora (the Māori philosophy of health and well-being unique to New Zealand). It will support and build an understanding of the impact of substance use and other patterns of problematic behaviour on Hauora and offer practical strategies to manage use and rebuild Hauora.

We invite participants to come on a journey of empowerment; building their self-efficacy to manage patterns of problematic behaviour. Motivational interviewing builds awareness and supports participants to move from ambivalence through awareness and decision making. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness and distress tolerance techniques offer participants tools to rebuild and sustain Hauora.

We all know the value of good employees and the costs of recruiting new ones. Investing in resources to support employees who may return positive screens to attend and complete this programme, (which is delivered over 6 x consecutive weekly sessions each of 90 minutes), is a cost-effective way to fully realise this value. The programme can be delivered on your work site or you can refer individuals to one which is offered nearby.

We’re also offering a programme for your total workforce to identify what Hauora is for them and how to sustain it without drugs and alcohol! This is best delivered on your work place and would be delivered over just 3 x weekly sessions, each of 90 minutes. WorkCare NZ Northland would like to thank all the Employers who have helped with this project by identifying that employees are a valuable part of their business, and all the technicians who are in the industry with a bigger purpose than just testing.

“It is not about putting people down it’s about picking people up”

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