We have various drug and alcohol educational courses, for both employees and employers. It is our goal to educate people on the effect drugs and alcohol can have on employees’ health and companies’ revenue. It’s for that reason we’re regarded as experts and leaders in the Drug and Alcohol testing industry. 

Management Training


During this 1-day training course, we stress the importance of identifying and managing risk in the workplace. We discuss the various types of drug tests available, the difference between a Urine drug test and Oral fluid test, how to implement a drug testing program, risks around not following your Drug and Alcohol policy and how to ensure you can learn from case law around drug and alcohol testing.

‘Reasonable grounds’ or ‘reasonable cause’ is one of the most important tests any company can introduce, alongside pre-employment Drug tests. With a lot more case law around drug testing now, it is important to get these policies right.

This is our expertise – ensuring all your team knows that there is a Drug and Alcohol policy, how it works, how it is implemented, and what happens during and after testing. WorkCare NZ Northland also highlight risks and ways to identify and manage impairment as a result of drugs or alcohol. This ensures that the situation can be managed as it arises, rather than after the fact. This not only prevents risks in regards to Health and Safety, but ensures that risk of personal grievances related to policy or procedures is minimised. This is tailored to your company’s needs.

Employee Training


Instead of explaining to your team how and why they are being drug tested, let the experts do it for you. WorkCare New Zealand will meet with your staff and educate them on why it is important to remain drug-free and how drug use negatively impacts the business and community. We will answer all the questions like “How long does cannabis stay in the system for “and “Can you fail a drug test from second-hand smoke” and any other concerns they may have.

Refresher Training


New drugs are developed frequently and new case law is introduced. We keep you up-to-date with changes to procedures and new drugs and the behaviours that help you identify them. Our commitment to our clients is to be relentless in eliminating drugs from the workplace. It is important that business are informed and up-to-date with legislative changes and reforms.

Community Education


We offer a number of programs aimed at helping youth and community members avoid getting caught up in drug use. These programs educate individuals on the impact that drugs and alcohol have on the community.

“It is not about putting people down it’s about picking people up”

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